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Artificial Fragrance

Products with artificial fragrance can cause allergic reactions to the skin, such as rash, blisters, itchiness, as well as skin diseases.

Artificial Colourings

Artificial Colourings are not only potential allergens, these chemical dyes can also cause irrtations and sensitivity.


SD-Alcohol is a dehydrating substance that takes away the skin’s moisture. Hence, it will cause the skin to produce more oil which can lead to more breakouts.


Comedogenic ingredients clog pores and it will lead to more oil production and eventually breakouts.

Mineral Oil

Used in beauty products, mineral oil is known for sealing pores. However, this function could lead to other negative consequences, such as cell renewal shut down, collagen breakdown and dehydrated skin.


Like the artificial colourings, lanolin is a potential allergen. Even though being allergic to the substance is rare, however, lanolin is mildly comedogenic (clogs pores). Furthermore, it has impurities that could irritate the skin.

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